Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clumpy barks again!

No, my nickname isn’t Clumpy; he’s the rascal of a pup in the cartoon, created in the 1940s by Howard Fogg, my mischievous father-in-law. Clumpy often visited the drawing board on Valentine’s Day when Howard took time off from his railroad art to create a special gift for Margot, my darling mother-in-law. With the blessings of my husband Dick, I edited the doorway text of this February 14, 1947 cartoon. Dick said it would have pleased his father to no end that I posted it here to share with you!


  1. I do hope we get to see Clumpy again from time to time. I'm excited for this new blog adventure. Can't wait to hold your new book in my hands.

  2. Love your new blog, very fun and professional at the same time...graphically clear and it advertises your soon to come book! Karen