Friday, October 12, 2018

A few Soliloquy reviews and HOLT Medallion Award of Merit

"Soliloquy is a haunting story of love in the past and the present and the question is: Which influences the other? The characters are well-written and precise, and the tension and danger acutely defined... One might say there are two endings to this story, one bittersweet and one triumphant; both are guaranteed to tug at your heart." ~ Toni Sweeney, Author 

"You'll be hooked from page one of this mesmerizing tale, which uses a beguiling method of transport to the past. The prose is smooth and satisfying, and the characters come alive.  Passion and promise fill the pages, as well as fear and deception." ~ D. M. Brown, RT Book Reviews

"Soliloquy, a time travel romance by Janet Fogg is a tightly woven story of a love that transcends time. When concert pianist and composer, Erin Lockhart Meyer, is transported to WW II occupied France, she is thrust into a world of danger beyond imagining. She alone has a slim chance to save not only a houseful of good people but the eternal love of her life, British fighter pilot, Arick Ambrose.
"Fogg has written a romance for lovers of history, story and characters. The plot reaches far beyond the hero/heroine conflict, taking readers to a different time and place, immersing us in a world of heart-stopping threat and soul-wrenching devotion. In Erin and Arick, we see noble and brave characters we admire and care for deeply.

"Fogg is a master at drawing scenes so vivid we smell campfire and feel the burn in our eyes, hear the swell of music to stir the soul and thrill to the first touch of skin on skin. Because I needed to know if and how Erin could defy the Nazis and what would happen to those she cared about and especially if she and Arick could survive the horrific situation, and how they would manage the insurmountable obstacle of living in different times, I sped through this book faster than I would have wanted. I was rewarded with unexpected twists and a romance that rang true. The way Fogg puts her words together and sets the tone and mood should be savored more than my patience could withstand. This is a book I will read again." ~ Shannon Baker, Author

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