Friday, November 9, 2018


Pending, pending, pending!  I now leave things pending or am left pending far too often.  Especially when dealing with anything in this crazy world of writing books.  Marketing materials are pending.  Blogs are pending.  Research is pending.

Now it might sound as if I’m complaining and I’m not, not really.  Every single pending action has its own power and potential glory.  But it’s sometimes difficult to push anxiety regarding those pending items into the deep end of the lake.  Then there’s the frequently consuming habit of actually writing.  Isn’t that what we should spend the bulk of our time doing?  Who knew that in addition to actually writing books, we would also need to be business professionals and marketers and accountants and readers and mentors and researchers.  So some days writing is left pending.  And that’s not right.  But then again, tomorrow will be today before too long.  So even if I spend the entire day writing, my newest story will always be pending.  As it should be!

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